I am so glad you are here!  My name is Trisha Hitchcock and this is my husband Todd and our three kids.  We live in Southern Indiana where we love to be outdoors enjoying God’s creation.  I am a AADP Certified Health Coach, essential oil user of seven years, and I love helping others learn about natural products and eating a whole foods diet.  I would love to join you on your essential oil journey!

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Many of us participate in the ESSENTIAL REWARDS program. It is a great program where you can earn FREE product credits and reduced-cost shipping. However, you are NOT required to sign up for this OPTIONAL monthly auto-ship program. You can sign up for Essential Rewards at any time so we can talk later in more detail after you sign up if you have questions.
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Welcome to our team!  My desire is that everyone who begins using essential oils has ongoing support. Our oil community is committed to educating everyone in our group on how to effectively use the oils, save money on Dr.’s visits and maintain health and wellness. Buying oils is great, yes, but they’re only as good as your knowledge about how to use them. We are here to walk with you to a healthier life!  When you join you will not only gain an amazing premier kit, wholesale membership, but also access to our private online groups where we invite you to post questions which are answered promptly by experienced oil mentors. We are also available by email and have lots of resources and tools for learning and sharing oils with others.


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