imageWhat exactly are essential oils?

Essential oils are the lifeblood and essence, or fragrance, and can be the foundation and immune system of the plant.  Just like blood flows through our veins carrying nutrients and oxygen, essential oils do the same for the plant.  Essential Oils are more potent then herbs which is why it is important to use them correctly with a carrier oil.  In the same way essential oils are essential to the plant they can be essential to our lives for support and healing.

Where do essential oils come from?

An essential oil is the liquid that is generally distilled from the leaves, stems, bark, roots or flowers of plants, trees, and shrubs.

How do they work in our bodies when we use them?

The molecules in essential oils are incredibly small and work in our bodies on a cellular level.  One drop of oil has enough molecules to cover every cell in the body approximately 40,000 times.  When you breathe in an essential oil, it reaches the brain in 22 seconds.  When you apply an essential oil topically, it reaches your bloodstream in two minutes.  It takes about 20 minutes for it to get to every cell in your body.  After 2-2.5 hours, it has fully metabolized.

How long have essential oils been around?

Essential oils date all the way back to 4500 BC when they were found in King Tut’s tomb.  Oils are also mentioned several times in the Bible.  Many cultures and ancient civilizations around the world have been using essential oils for thousands of years.  Young Living has been providing the world with therapeutic essential oils for over 20 years.


  • diffused
  • worn topically
  • in a bath
  • massage
  • in ointments, first aid, and natural remedies
  • ingesting (depends on the brand)
  • food preparation (depends on brand)
  • house cleaning
  • body products

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